5 Things That May Surprise You About Inland

by Lilly Blum

We shared ‘5 Things You May Not Know About Inland’ back in 2015 and we’re back to do it again! Last time we shared our product offerings, our end use markets, printing expertise and more! It’s 2020 now, and we’re updating you and sharing the new things that have been going on at Inland. We’re also giving you a sneak peak into what Inland is expecting for the rest of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. Since we got our start, a lot has changed not only at Inland, but in the label industry as a whole. We’ve seen a lot through our 77 years of experience and we know there will be new things that surprise us!

We’re Always Innovating

In 2006, we helped convey the message that CoorsLight is ‘mountain cold refreshment.’ We played a big role in helping MillerCoors refresh their labels with our innovative color changing ink (thermochromic in technical terms). While that brand refresh was a few years ago, we’ve been innovating ever since! Throughout the years we’ve added more and more design embellishments, materials, and label advancements. Our latest offering is Pure Wash, a washable pressure sensitive adhesive that you can check out here! It is fully compatible with the existing recycling stream making it an easy way to work towards your sustainability goals.

If you follow us on social media, you may have come across our newest ink development, Super Opaque White. The ink offers more coverage, for less cost, making it a win-win for your branding. It’s smooth to the touch giving your product a whole new feel! Follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter to be one of the first to know when we are releasing something new!

We Invest in Our Future

Last year brought us a new 60,000 square foot facility and a brand new autocut! The new facility is in Downingtown, PA and produces a majority of our shrink and pressure sensitive labels. The new autocut helps us increase our efficiency for finishing paper labels. Both investments from last year will help us grow with our customers and take on new business. Label markets are growing fast, and we’re always investing back into the business to keep up with demand!

While that was last year, you might be asking yourself ‘what is Inland up to THIS year??’ Well, you may have seen that we have been installing a new press! The MPS flexo press will be used for shrink labels and will open up additional capacity for our new and existing customers’ growth. The press’ new home will be in our Neenah, Wisconsin facility and we can’t wait to get it up and running. Speaking of shrink, we even have a shrink tunnel in the works. The tunnel will help us qualify new materials, trouble shoot label issues you might be experiencing, and provide samples of what your product will look like on your container and with your label!

We’re not stopping there! We already have our eyes set on next year, which will bring the arrival of another new press. The press is set to be installed in the first quarter of next year. This offset press will focus on our in-mold label business, giving us the opportunity to increase efficiencies across all of our offset presses.

Color Management is a Top Priority

Inland is a certified G7 and GMI printer, and we have our own color management software, InColor, to keep brand colors in check. We know how important brand colors are, and we have the tools and processes in place to ensure consistent color every time.

We undergo a rigorous and detailed process to achieve our certifications. After we print test colors, they get verified to ensure we meet the high standards set by the organizations. G7 is used to show that a printer can produce the same results no matter how your label is printed! The second certification, GMI, also puts our processes and controls under a microscope. The visit by a tech requires Inland to do tests by running colors to target values. If you want to learn more about our certifications, contact us or use the live chat to the top right of this page!

We wouldn’t reach the standards set for our certifications if it wasn’t for our team. Our field experts, CGCs, and press operators are experienced label printing professionals that help us achieve high printing quality!

3 Generations of Strong Partnerships

Through three generations of family leadership, Inland has remained a domestic supplier, sourcing a majority of our raw materials from the United States. The strong partnerships we’ve built over the years with our suppliers let us bring new innovations to meet our customers’ needs. Whether you need a matte or gloss coating, tactile inks, or a completely new design, our partnerships help us bring these options to you!

We’ve even added a new role this year to make sure our customers get the materials and substrates that are the best fit for them. The Sourcing Projects Manager provides insight to customers on our supply and sourcing positions. The position aims to be a resource to customers and keep Inland on the forefront of innovation!

Our Customer Support Resources

Another high priority for Inland is our customer support. Armed with a variety of tools, Inland provides  best in class support and service to our customers both new and existing! We’ve developed roles like our Customer Onboarding and Transition Specialist and Technical Services Reps, as well as an online portal to help support customers 24/7 from anywhere.

When a brand decides to partner with Inland for their label and packaging needs, we provide a Customer Onboarding and Transition Specialist to help prevent any of the usual supply transition hiccups. They connect your team and ours and guide you through your label transition. Our Technical Services Reps are another customer support resource available at a moments notice. They troubleshoot your label lines and give guidance on how to keep your labels running smoothly! With all the recent changes, our Tech Reps have adapted and added virtual visits to their expertise. If outside visitors aren’t allowed in your facility, our Reps are here to support you via video chat or phone.

In addition to our team members, our online customer portal, MyPortal, supports customers and their label supply needs. We know brands will be changing and adding new processes while we all adapt to what the ‘new normal’ will look like. As we rely on technology more heavily than the past, MyPortal is there giving you accurate, up to date information at your fingertips. You can easily stay on top of your label supply by placing orders, tracking shipping dates, viewing your account information and more through MyPortal. Whatever your new normal looks like, Inland has the tools, services, and people to support you going forward.

A lot certainly has changed from 2015. Did anything surprise you? Share this blog and let us know! As the label industry (and world) constantly changes, we’re evolving with you in mind. We’re ready to take on new partnerships and continue to support current customers. We’re creating tools, hiring new people, and changing processes to best meet brand owners’ needs through the whirlwind of 2020. We’re excited to see where the remainder of the year takes us and are ready to support you through whatever the rest of the year brings!